Step 9: Uploading a Website Banner

You need to upload your website banner, which is the image found in the header area at the top of each website page. You need information on what size, resolution and image formats are supported.

The website banner is managed from Website -> Settings under the Website Banner field. Browse to locate your selected file under the Website Banner. Once you have selected the file, hit Update to upload the file.  The image should be 940x200 pixels in size and 72dpi in resolution. Supported image formats include: JPEG, TIF, BMP, GIF, and PNG.

If the image uploaded does not match the recommended size, it may be auto-resized to fit the horizontal dimensions above. If the system resizes the image, it may appear to be pixelated or lose its normal aspect ratio. We strongly recommend providing the image with the above specifications. If you do not have a designer who can perform this service, please consider our custom banner service package.


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