Can I split a donation between two or three participants?

You have received a pledge or donation and want to split it with one or two participants. This sometimes happens with school or other events where family members participate and a donor makes one donation that they wish to be credited towards two or three participants.

When splitting an order, the split is between the original order and 1 or 2 OTHER participants. So in order to split one order in half, select only ONE name from the split options, 50% to the original recipient and 50% to the one being split with. If you wish to split one order with two other people, the original order will be split into thirds.

From your administration area, go to Reports ->Orders and click on the order number in question. At the top of this page, click the Split Order button.  Select the name of the participants in the drop-down boxes, then click the Split Order button to finalize the split.


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