What are my options for emailing individuals or teams related to my event?

You would like to send emails to selected individuals or groups of people.

Your website comes with a built-in email management system that allows you to easily email event registrants, volunteers, captains, sponsors, donors, etc.  These lists are pulled from reports in your admin area and updated in real time as registrations and donations take place on your live website. You may edit these messages as you wish, but be careful not to remove the necessary macros.  Macros, or snippets are displayed like this {{s:memberFirstname}}.

  • From your Admin Area, go to Email -> Compose.
  • In the "To" field, choose your audience from the drop-down list.
  • Next, enter your message and hit the 'Preview' button to review the message.
  • Then, click the Send button to mail the notice.

Following is a list of options and the intended purpose of the emails.

Captains Only – Send an email to all Captains.

Donors – Send thank you email to all donors.  See this KB for more information.

Note: Participants also have the option to send thank you emails to their donors by logging into their Pledge Control Panel -> Review Donations -> Email Thank You.

Donors with Incomplete Orders - This will be all of your donors who committed to paying by check or cash, or whose order is incomplete for another reason. The message will populate the amount due, address to send the check to, and link the donors to a payment page if they decide to pay with a credit card.

Donors with PayPal Pending Orders – Send an email to donors who have made pledges via PayPal but have not competed the payment.  The email will contain the order number and a link to make a payment through PayPal. When donors complete a donation on PayPal, their order will complete in the system.

Participants – Send information to all of your participants. This is an easy way to communicate as your event approaches.

Participants with Incomplete Orders – This will generate an email to your Pledge participants with donor names and amount due in order for them to collect offline (check, cash) donations from their donors.  See this KB for more information.

Participants with Missing Answers - Use this option if participants did not provide an answer to the registration questions.  Registration questions can be managed in People-> Participants -> Participant Questions.

Sponsors – Send thank you or other information directly to your sponsors.

Staff – Send an email to all administrators/staff members in the system.

Volunteers - Send an email to all volunteers.


For more email management options and templates, see this KB article.

To send emails to previous event (last years) participants, see this KB article.




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