Are donation receipts IRS compliant?

You would like to auto-send donor receipts, including your EIN and other information relevant to IRS regulations for donations.

Our system sends out a receipt with each donation or order made.

If you would like to include your organization's EIN, enter it at Account-> Organization Profile -> Tax ID.  This is the number issued to your organization by the IRS and should be included on all tax receipts. 

Additionally, you can customize receipts and add text such as 'No goods or services were provided for this donation...' at Website -> Notes -> Confirmation Message.

Read more here on the IRS guidelines for acknowledgement of charitable contributions.

If the donor did not get a receipt or would like a copy, it is possible to resend one through the admin area.  Click Reports -> Orders, Click the Order Number, then at the top of the page, click Email Receipt.


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