Why are credit cards being declined on my site?

You see that your constituent credit cards are being declined and need to know what is happening with your payment processing.

There are various reasons why credit cards are declined. It is not uncommon and there are many factors involved.

First, we need to determine if your account is configured correctly or if there is an account level issue. To determine this, look at your orders - are most transactions processing properly? Did you successfully complete a test credit card transaction before going live? If the answer to these questions is yes, then there is not likely an issue with your processing. If you have never successfully processed a credit card, click here for directions on how to properly configure your payment processor and/or work with technical support.

You can generally see the reason for a decline by clicking into Reports -> Orders and clicking on the order in declined status. Scroll down under the Payment Reference section. There you will see a response code that tells you the reason for the decline. These response codes are generated by your payment processor, not DoJiggy. So you will need to find response code information from your processor. (Here is the link for Authorize.net/DoJiggy Merchant Services clients.)

Common causes for declines include:

  • The card type is not supported
  • There are insufficient funds on the card
  • The card was reported lost or stolen
  • The card has expired
  • The information entered during payment was incomplete or invalid (ie. name on card doesn’t match name entered)
  • AVS mismatch. AVS mismatch is the most common decline you will likely see, if your account is properly configured. This means that the credit card address on file with the bank card issuer does not match the billing address entered on your website.


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