What is the deferred payment option?

You wish to understand the deferred payment option and/or invoice your constituents for orders received on your website.

Deferred payment can be used in a couple of ways.

Most often it is used when you wish to invoice donors/registrants. This method will allow the user to donate/register and create an incomplete order. From here, the administrator can send an invoice.

Deferred payment can also be used for manual credit card processing. To include a link that will take constituents to your payment processor, you will need to create a Confirmation Message from Website -> Notes. This message will appear on the last page of both your registration and donation pages. A message might read: "Thank you for your donation. In order to make your payment now, please visit http://[your payment URL here]. " Constituents will then need to click on this link to complete payment.

Please note that your reports will reflect all payments made under this method as Incomplete, as we cannot see that a payment is completed once a user has left our system. The administrator will need to manually complete orders and update thermometers if needed. For this reason, we cannot recommend this option. You may also wish to review the option here for manual credit card processing or considering using our in-house payment processing.

Set-up 'Deferred Payment' as a payment option at Tools -> Payment Settings. Please check the box for Deferred Payment found here. You can use this option in conjunction with other payment options.


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