How do I use the Site Theme Designer to customize my website?

You wish to know more about the theme designer, such as how to use it and what functionality it contains.
The theme designer allows administrators the ability to customize a theme (select your theme from Website -> Settings) to expertly match your organization's look and feel. Administrators have the ability to change backgrounds, add photos, and customize content, forms, menus and notifications so that your fundraising website matches your brand identity.

The Theme Designer is located at Website -> Settings. There are two menu tabs within the Theme Designer: Basic and Advanced.  The options within these tabs are noted below.


You can customize the following with the Basic Theme Designer.

Site Background Color

  • As you click on Background Color and move your mouse within the color slider, you’ll see how the colors change.  You can customize your site background color by simply left clicking.

Background Image

  • To upload a background image, place a check mark in the box entitled Use Image.  This will enable you to upload an image from your computer files. By un-checking this box, the background image is disabled and you can simply use a color instead of an image.
  • The size of this image file should not exceed 1 MB. We recommend using the dimensions 1920 x 1080 pixels for your background image.

Banner Image & Text

  • Select the image you would like to use as a banner and upload from here. You will be able to see how your banner will look on your site.
  • You have the option to include text on your banner as well.


You can customize the following with the Advanced Theme Designer.


  • You can change the color for your Text, Headings, Footer Text, Links and Table Borders. 
  • You can choose different Fonts within this section.
  • And you can change your Content Background and Secondary Content Background colors as well.


  • You can change the Background colors and Background Borders of your Forms within this section.
  • The Button colors and Borders can be customized under this tab.
  • The Donate Button Background colors and borders can be changed here too.


The colors are customizable on your template menu within the Menus section.  Here are the items that you can choose a customized color theme for:

  • Menu Background
  • Links
  • Link Hover
  • Link Bottom and Top Border
  • Sub Menu Background and Border


  • You can customize the Background, Border and Text of the Help section of your template within the Notifications section.
  • You can also customize Messages to your participants regarding their Success, Information or directions that you need to provide to them, as well as Error messages.


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