Can we generate Canada Revenue Agency approved electronic receipts?

You are a non-profit or community organization in Canada. You wish to know if you can provide Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) approved electronic receipts.

Yes, a CRA approved electronic receipt can be auto-generated with each donation that occurs on your Pledge or Donations website (when the organization is based in Canada). If you wish to generate these receipts, they will be generated for the full amount of the donation and no fair value of goods will be deducted. For this reason, the receipts are not generated for registrations or product sales. They are only available for completed donations made via a Donations or Pledge subscription.

CRA receipts will be linked from the auto-generated system receipts. When enabled, a link appears at the top of your DoJiggy receipt that will open the CRA receipt for printing purposes.  However, the link will NOT show up if check or cash was selected as the payment option.  Once the order has been marked Complete the CRA link will be available and can be sent to the donor by using the Email Receipt button. This is done from Reports -> Orders by clicking into the order in question.

Enabling Receipts
The setting for CRA receipts is found under Website -> Settings - CRA Approved Receipts... Set Enable CRA Formatted Receipt? to Yes.

While most of the information that is required for these receipts is already included in your administrative setup, you will want to:

  1. Add an official signature to your receipts, please upload a .png format image at Website -> Settings - CRA Approved Receipts. The following dimensions: width="200" height="100", and the file name: signature.png are recommended.
  2. Include your Charity BN/Registration number at Account -> Organization Profile, Tax ID.This registration number was the number assigned by the Minister when your organization was registered.


This is a sample CRA Receipt.CRAReceipt.PNG



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