How does the 'Auto-register Participants' feature work?

You would like to learn more about the Auto-register Participants feature.

The Auto-register Participants feature allows Sponsors to create a team without inputting all the participant information at time of registering. The Auto-register Participants feature is available from Events -> Settings -> Advanced. At the time of online sponsor registration, the system will provide the sponsor with registration slots for only one team. (NOTE: Slots provided = participants per group). If there is more than one team included with the sponsorship, additional sponsorship teams will be auto-registered and appear as participants, as follows:

Example: For Team Name = Buffalos

Team #1
Buffalos1 Participant1
Buffalos1 Participant2
Buffalos1 Participant3
Buffalos1 Participant4

Team #2
Buffalos2 Participant1
Buffalos2 Participant2
Buffalos2 Participant3
Buffalos2 Participant4

If there is NO Team name, the system will assign the main registrant or billing contact’s last name.

Example: For a team with captain = Steve Parker

Team #1
Parker1 Participant1
Parker1 Participant2
Parker1 Participant3
Parker1 Participant4

Parker2 Participant1
Parker2 Participant2
Parker2 Participant3
Parker2 Participant4

Login and go to Events -> Settings, Advanced Settings and set Auto-register Participants to YES to enable this feature.

NOTE: This feature will only effect Sponsorship Registration. Once a sponsor has determined their additional team participants, they can be substituted for the auto-assigned participants. You, as an administrator, will just need to update the records under People -> Participants - Edit.

Order Details: The order will reflect the total individuals included in the package, i.e. 2 teams + 3 individuals = 11, assuming participants per group = 4.



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