How do I add or modify participant information?

You wish to add and modify participant information.

Adding and modifying participant information is simple. There are a number of things you can do:

If you are adding participants and not tracking their payment, then:

  1. Go to People -> Participants
  2. Click on Add Participant and complete the new participant's data.
  3. Once you are done click on ADD

If you wish to edit existing Participant information, then:

  1. Go to People -> Participants
  2. Under Actions, click on Edit next to the Participant Name you wish to edit
  3. Update the participant's data as needed and click Update to save the changes.

If you are tracking PAYMENT data, like when you receive a check or a paid registration, then:

  1. Click on Account -> Website Admin Mode
  2. Add the participants via the normal registration process.



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