I have my own domain and wish to use it as my website URL.

You have or would like to purchase your own domain name and use it as your website URL, so that '.dojiggy.com' or '.golfreg.com' is not visible in the URL.

You can use your own domain name as your website URL.  Review the two methods below and choose the one that is best for your organization. If you have not registered the domain, please register it at a registrar of your choice. You will also want to consider purchasing an SSL certificate.

Beginning in July 2018, google will begin marking all domains without an SSL certificate as not secure.

Securing your private domain requires the purchase, installation, and maintenance of a dedicated SSL certificate under your private domain name, which is paid annually. Please purchase SSL for your private domain here.

To use a domain name you have already registered, you'll need to do one of the following:

METHOD 1: Domain Name Forwarding

Domain forwarding or redirect enables you to use your existing domain name to point to your DoJiggy website. With domain forwarding service, when someone types in your private domain name in the address window of their browser, it will then forward them directly to your event website, i.e.: http://myevent.dojiggy.com. With this method, the private domain does not 'stick', so when a constituent browses through your event website, the URL will return to your http://myevent.dojiggy.com domain.

Set domain forwarding at your domain registrar. This is the most common and simple method for using your own domain. You will need to make this change with your domain registrar or domain hosting company, i.e. Go Daddy. We cannot make this change for you. Please contact your registrar for instructions.

IMPORTANT: Do NOT use 'hidden', 'domain masking' or 'transparent' forwarding, as this will cause errors on your registration page. Your private URL must forward to the standard website address we provide, and show that address in the address bar after forwarding.

METHOD 2: DNS Zone Change

You can change the DNS records for your domain to create a hostname in your domain records that points to your event website. So, if you have a domain called www.mydomain.com, and you want www.mydomain.com to point to your event website, you will need to add a DNS resource record to the DNS zone file like this:

www IN CNAME reg.dojiggy.com.

If the line above doesn't work, try:

Hostname: www
Target Host: reg.dojiggy.com.

Notice the extra dot at the end of the target. It may be required.

NOTE:  DNS interfaces may vary depending on the domain registrar.

NOTE: You will need to make this change with your domain registrar, i Network Solutions or with your technical support staff. We cannot make any changes to your domain, and are not responsible for its settings or configuration. Contact your DNS technical support team, and request that the above entry (or its equivalent) be added to your domain's DNS zone file.

TECHNICAL NOTE: The CNAME entry above is a DNS record type, which is how records are defined in DNS zone file


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