How is event capacity managed?

You wish to know how event capacity is managed.

Event capacity allows you to make sure you only take the number of registrations available for your event and you do not overbook.

Go to Events -> Settings -> Advanced Settings and find the 'Event Capacity' field. Set this value to the maximum number of participants for your event.

Please note that the total participants reserved is calculated by adding:

  1. The number of groups/teams registered times the number of participants per team (Seen from People -> Groups. This is both the reserved & open slots.)
  2. The number of Individual participants
  3. The number of promotion codes with reserved spaces

When this number is reached, the system will stop taking registrations.

NOTE 1: Why calculate from teams times team size?

  • When someone registers a team/group, they may not provide all the participant names, and have some participants that will be added later. The system will reserve all team spaces and includes those in the count of total participants.

NOTE 2: Why are promo codes counted as reserved spaces?

  • When you issue a promotion code with a defined number of reserved spaces, the system takes that promo code as a reservation, and includes it in the total participant count. This function is commonly used for sponsorships that include participants. In this way, you can calculate the number of reservations to participate in the event. Promo codes must be used on the registration page and cannot be redeemed after the registration page is closed. However, since those spaces have been reserved, administrators can manually register those with promotion codes after registration has closed.



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