What are the online sponsorship registration options?

You would like to know how sponsors can register online.

Sponsors can register online in one of 2 ways:

  1. On the registration page, and paid online, with order details saved, OR
  2. Via an emailed application, independent of the registration page. NO payments or order details taken. Sponsor data is not saved.

This setting is controlled by the 'Show on Register/Pledge Page' setting in the Sponsor Package detail under Sponsors -> Sponsorships for each sponsorship package. If set to Yes, they will register via Mode 1, and if set to No, they will register via Mode 2. This setting is per individual package, so you can mix them as needed.

In Mode 1, you will see the sponsorship available on the Registration & and/or participant fundraising pages. Constituents can order and pay for the sponsorship, and the sponsors will receive an emailed order confirmation. Additionally, the sponsors details will automatically be saved in the Sponsors listing.

In Mode 2, the sponsor will be presented an application form (available only on the Event Registration and Products page), which when completed is emailed to the administrator. No order is recorded and the sponsor's details are NOT saved in the sponsor database.

Please select the mode as needed for each sponsorship.



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