Can I convert a sponsorship or registration fee to a donation, so that it can be reflected on a participant's thermometer?

You are using a Pledge subscription and wish to see a sponsorship sale or registration fee reflected on a participant's thermometer.

In order to include sponsorships or registration fees in your participants' thermometers (on their fundraising pages), you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Go to Reports -> Orders.
  2. There, click Actions, View or the Order Number in question to view the order details.
  3. On the next screen locate the 'Pledge Conversion' area. There, you will find a 'Select Participant' box, and a button that says 'Convert to Pledge'.
  4. Select the participant you want to assign the pledge to, by clicking on the lookup icon . On the window that pops up search the participant to assign the pledge by Weblink / Nickname and click on the participant name to select it.

    NOTE: In order to assign the pledge to a participant, they will need to have a weblink/fundraising page.

  5. Press the 'Convert to Pledge' button.



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