How can we change a participant or team's fundraising goal?

A team and/or participant wishes to edit their fundraising goal. You wish to know how they can do this. Administrators may also wish to do this for participants or for the General Donation page. The fundraising goal governs the thermometer goal.

Administrators can access fundraising pages at People -> Participants. Once there, find the participant and click on Actions, Log-in. Then follow the directions below (from step 2) as if you were the participant.


  1. Have the Participant login to his/her Pledge Control Panel (PCP)
  2. On the Personal Settings screen, enter/update the 'Fundraising Goal' as needed
  3. Hit ‘Save’ to save changes


  1. Have the Team Captain login to his/her Pledge Control Panel (PCP).
  2. Click on Team Page
  3. On Team Settings screen, enter/update the Team Goal into 'Fundraising Goal' field
  4. Hit ‘Save’ to save changes



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