I've set up my event to only accept Credit Cards, so why is Cash/Check an option?

You have set your Payment Settings to only accept credit cards or PayPal but are seeing Check/Cash orders in your reports. You want to know how people can donate by cash/check when you've configured your account to only accept credit cards.

As the administrator, you can see the cash/check options only when accessing the website in Website Admin Mode. Donors who visit the website and wish to donate will not see these options.

With our Pledge software, participants receiving offline donations (as cash or check) may track them by logging into their Participant Control Panel -> Personal Settings -> Donations. An order will be created for each offline donation logged by the participant, and these will be shown as Incomplete until the participant turns in their donations and the administrator marks them as Complete.

NOTE: Offline donations added by participants in this way are reflected in their Goal Thermometer totals.

In some cases you may not wish to allow your participants to enter offline cash and check donations. In order to disable this function, go to Pledge -> Settings and change the field Allow Offline Check/Cash to 'No'.



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