Editing Team Fundraising Pages

Your team fundraising pages were generated with little real data or contain incorrect data. You would like to edit them to better reflect a memorable Team Weblink, team fundraising goal, Estimated units of effort and website page text.

The following may also be true: The minimum fundraising goal for each participant is $X. For teams, their fundraising goal will need to account for each rider on the team. For example, if there is a team of two, their minimum fundraising goal should be a minimum of $X times 2. You wish to know how you can change the fundraising goal on the team pages.


There are two ways to edit the Team Fundraising page, as an Administrator, or as a Team Captain.

As an Administrator

  • Go to People->Participants and click the Name of the Team Captain of the team page you would like to edit.
  • At the top of the profile page click the "Team Fundraising Page" button.

As Team Captain

You can change team settings by going to People->Participants and clicking on the Login action for the team captain. Once logged in, you will see the Team Page tab. Team settings can be edited here.

The Team Captain can login to his PCP and click the Team Page and make changes as well.


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