Images not appearing correctly in Internet Explorer - Why do I see a red x where my JPG image should be?

You want to know why your JPG images are not displaying correctly in Internet Explorer. The same image displays correctly in other browsers, but shows only a red X in IE.

If you have uploaded a JPG file as a logo for a sponsor or a main site logo, or on a website page, and all you see on the main website is a red X, then it is very likely that the image is corrupt, is an invalid JPG, or there is a configuration problem with your Internet Explorer.

Unfortunately, we cannot help troubleshoot this much further, as it depends entirely on how you saved it, in what program, etc. Please contact the publisher of the software you are using, or search Google for 'JPG red X'.  It is a well known, documented issue with Internet Explorer.

This seem to be an issue only in Internet Explorer, as the same image will render correctly in other browsers, such as Firefox. If you have access to another browser, use it to confirm this issue. Other browsers will usually render the same image correctly.

You can also confirm this issue on your own computer, using IE itself.  From the main menu in Internet Explorer, click on File -> Open File, then Browse. Open the file you are experiencing problems with.  It should again show as a 'red x',  and not display properly within IE. This confirms the problem is with the image itself, and how IE is rendering the image. This also means there is no problem with the DoJiggy software, or a problem related to uploading. It confirm the file was somehow saved improperly for IE.

You may try to save it as a GIF file to see if that resolves the issue.  The Red X issue seems to be related to how the JPG file is saved, and does not affect properly saved GIFs.


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