Ordering or Renewing Your Subscription

You wish to order a subscription for a new or free trial account. Or your subscription is getting ready to expire and you would like to renew your service.

Please follow these steps to order or renew your service from last year, or contact your partner/Sales representative.

  1. Goto the DoJiggy renewal page or the GolfReg renewal page
  2. Select your product and subscription option(s) from the product table
  3. Select the appropriate Order Type
    • Choose Upgrade Existing Service if you are ordering additional participant blocks or services packages only
    • Select Upgrade from Free Trial if you have a trial website that you wish to purchase
    • Choose Renew Existing Service for renewals
    • Select New Service if you do not have a free trial or paid account to renew
  4. Select your preferred Payment Method: Credit Card or E-check (US clients only)
  5. Enter your current hostname in the Your Site Hostname field. If your website URL is www.yourorg.dojiggy.com, your hostname is yourorg - do not include the .dojiggy.com or the order will fail. If you are purchasing a new service, select the hostname of choice here.
  6. Enter the Username and Password to log into your admin area. If this is a new service, you can skip this step.
  7. Hit Continue
  8. Enter or correct all payment data on Step 2. This is your credit card billing information, which must match the information on file with your bank.
  9. Select the service to renew. This should be your most recent event, if you clone your event each year. (Don't worry, if you mess up on this step - just call us in Sales to adjust your order.)
  10. Review & check to accept the License and Service Agreement.
  11. Press Complete to finalize the order.

When you renew your site, all of your information from last year is stored for you. Please see the related article 'Restarting from last year's event' for full restart instructions.

Feel free to call sales at (888) 436-1999, ext. 2, for assistance.


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