How do I edit the registration page?

You wish to edit your registration page and cannot click on edit at Website -> Pages.

The registration page is a dynamic page, one which is not edited directly, but contains settings and values that you manage from these areas:

  1. Event Dates and Registration Prices
    Please click on Event -> Settings and make sure all values are correct. Pay attention to event start date, registration start date, and prices for individuals and groups.  Depending on your setup, registration prices may also be handled under Events -> Registration Fees.

  2. Sponsorships
    Click on Sponsors -> Sponsorships. Please add, edit, or delete the sponsorship packages so they are correct for your event.

  3. Products
    Click on Products -> All. Please add, edit, or delete the products so they are correct for your event. Any items with a zero price are INCLUDED in the registration fee.

  4. Order Notes
    Click on Website -> Notes. The General Order Note appears at the top of the registration page.

  5. Participant Billing Option (on the Event Registration and Product Sales page only)
    Go to Events -> Settings, Advanced Settings. There set to NO the 'Show Participant Billing Option' field and hit Update to save your changes.



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