How can I allow for regular registration and also pledge registration?

You wish to offer general event registration, as well as offering the option for no cost registration with the ability to raise pledges for your organization.

You have two options listed below:


To enable regular registration and pledge registration, you will need to use two different pages for registration on your website: The Pledge Participant Registration and the Event Registration and Product Sales page.

  1. The Event Registration and Product Sales page will allow for straightforward registration associated with a fee for participation. It also allows for products sales.
  2. The Pledge Participant Registration will enable your participants to register as fundraisers instead of paying the registration fee. They will select a username and password to create their own fundraising page.

With a Pledge subscription, your organization can enable both pages on your website. However, be aware that general registration will still require the paid participants to create a username and password.


In order to offer both pledge and general registration for your event, you may wish to enable two subscriptions, offering these advantages:

  • General registrations will not be effected by your Pledge configuration
  • General event participants will not be asked to create a username and password
  • All reporting will be completely separate in this method, so you can easily view participants by registration type and see how much money both efforts have generated for your cause.
  • Website pages can still be shared, but the registration pages will represent unique subscriptions and will not be shared.
  • Your organization will be licensed to register 100 pledge participants and 200 general registration participants (without purchasing additional participant blocks).

NOTE: There is an additional fee required in order to enable this option. Please call Sales for more information.



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