How do I configure my website for manual credit card processing?

You wish to receive credit card payments, but you are not integrated with one of our supported payment processors.

Manual Credit Card Processing is successfully used by many organizations. You will want to consider the number of credit card transactions you plan to process and think about the time involved to manually charge those transactions. As such, it is not recommended for Pledge/Crowdfunding events, but can certainly be used for smaller golf tournaments.

Configure this option by following these directions:

  1. From your Admin Area go to Tools -> Payment Settings.
  2. Set the 'Payment Processor' field to NONE from the pull down.
  3. Check the Payment Methods (Check, Cash, Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, etc.) you will allow for payment.
  4. Hit 'Update' to save your changes.

Your constituent's credit card information will be securely stored in your Administration area (from Reports -> Orders). You can copy and paste credit card details from here or hit the download button to download this information.

Processing credit cards manually requires that you have a merchant account as part of your business or organization. This may be a POS system or virtual terminal. Input your credit card data from Reports -> Orders as required by your system.

Please note that CVV2 codes will NOT be stored.


All orders that are not processed via PayPal or an integrated merchant account will need to be processed manually in your system. All checks/cash orders are processed manually.  The following instructions walk you through applying payments to an order to show that the payment completed.

To process a payment/apply payment to an order:

  1. Click on Reports -> Orders
  2. Press View on the order you wish to process.
  3. Look at the Payment History section on the lower part of the screen. To apply payments to this order, select the Order Status and Payment Type, enter the payment details (check#, notes, authorization numbers, etc.) then press Record Payment.
  4. The order will now be marked as Complete. Confirm Order Status was changed to 'Complete'


You will also need to wipe the credit card when charging them manually.  First, make sure you have actually charged it because once wiped, the card numbers will not be available anymore.

  1. In Reports -> Orders go to the order in question.
  2. Hit the 'View' link next to it.
  3. On the order summary screen scroll down to the bottom and locate the Payment History area.
  4. Click on the 'Wipe CC' link next to the credit card and Payment ID under the Action column.



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