How do I apply payments to incomplete orders?

You received payment for an order already in the system. Now you want to process that payment, and record the payment against the order.

Orders have two main statuses: Complete or Incomplete.

  • A Complete order is paid
  • An Incomplete order (or PayPal Pending order) is due

All orders that are not processed via PayPal or an integrated merchant account will need to be processed manually. Additionally, all checks are processed manually.

If you want to enter checks or cash turned in by a participant for pledges they have received, please see this Help FAQ.

After receiving a check or payment, you will need to post the payment to the order to indicate that it has been paid. To process a payment, click on Reports -> Orders, and press View on the order you wish to process.

Scroll to the Payment History section on the lower part of the screen. To apply payments to the order, select the Payment Type and Payment Status, enter the Amount and any Payment Reference that may apply (check#, notes, authorization numbers, etc.). Then press the Apply button.

The order will now be marked as Complete.



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