How can I ask my registrants customized questions if I am using Pledge?

You have questions you wish to ask your Pledge event participants. This information pertains to the clients using Reg Fees (Events -> Registration Fees) as well as the no cost Pledge Participant Registration pages. If you are using the Golf or Events subscritptions, see this custom questions FAQ.

For asking your registrants customized questions, you have two options:

A) Event Level Questions: These questions are presented to all event registrants, regardless of their registration type. Sponsors and those who purchase products are also asked these questions.

To create Event Questions go to Website -> Questions and click on the "Add Question" button.

B) Registration Fees Questions: These questions are presented for a specific registration fee only. Only registrants selecting the specified registration fee will be presented with the associated questions.

To create Registration Fee Questions:

  1. Go to Events -> Registration Fees
  2. Click on Manage Questions under the Action Section of the Registration Fee where you would like to see questions appears.  Here you can add or remove any question pertaining to this particular registration. 
  3. To assign answers, under Action next to the question, click Assign Answers.  Click the Add Answer button. When you are done with the answers, click the Go Back button. 
  4. Now, click the question name, then click the Update button.

Repeat these steps for each question in each registration. 

NOTE: The registration questions are shown after Enter Payment Details.

Answers to the question can be found by downloading the Excel or CSV reports found at People->Participants, and People->All.

Further details on the questions, including explanations of Data Type and Display as options, are here.



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