How do I configure my website to accept payments with PayPal?

You want to configure your website to accept funds with PayPal (Website Payments Standard).

Your PayPal account is integrated with your website from Tools -> Payment Settings.

  1. Select the PayPal box in Payment Methods. Do not check any credit card type here (ie Visa). You may include other non-credit card payment options (ie check) by checking their respective boxes.
  2. Select the PayPal option from the Payment Processor selection box.
  3. Then, enter your Primary PayPal email address into the Payment Processor ID field. Press Update.
    NOTE: Using a secondary email address will cause issues - it must be the primary email address on file with PayPal.
  4. Please also see the FAQ article called 'How do I Configure PayPal so that I receive Instant Payment Notification messages?' for instructions on how to setup your PayPal account
  5. Make sure you run a transaction for testing purposes before going live.


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