How do we refund a credit card transaction?

You wish to refund or reverse a credit card transaction.

Due to the wide range of gateways we support, all credit card cancellations, voids, and refunds must be done directly on your payment provider's virtual terminal (ie at for DoJiggy Merchant Services clients. See directions here).

Alternatively, you can issue a check for a refund or choose whatever payment method is appropriate for you and your constituent. The point is you need to issue them a refund payment directly - the system will not do this for you.

After you determine how to refund the money, you may note the transaction status appropriately in the original order to reflect the final resolution. Here are the steps to update the order status and details:

  1. Go to Reports -> Orders.
  2. Click on the Order # for the order you have refunded.
  3. Scroll down to the Apply Payments area.
  4. Select the appropriate Payment Type, based on how the refund or credit was issued.
  5. For Payment Status, set this to indicate the final status of the order after the credit is applied.  You may select Refunded, Canceled, Pending, Incomplete, or Complete, depending on the actual current status of the order and how you would like it to be reflected in your reports.
  6. In Amount, enter the amount refunded or credited. Make sure to indicate the amount is to be deducted from the total by adding a minus sign before the refund amount (i.e. -20.00 )
  7. In Payment Reference, indicate the check# or related payment issue, and the circumstances for the refund.
  8. Press Record Payment.

The order will now be adjusted for the amount entered in step 6, and will show the status selected in step 5.


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