How do I configure my website to accept payments with PayFlow Pro?

You want to configure your website to accept payments through PayFlow Pro.

Your PayFlow Pro account is integrated with your website from Tools -> Payment Settings. Once there, follow these steps:

  1. Under the Payment Methods section, please check the credit card types you will be processing. Make sure PayPal is NOT an option checked as one of the Payment Methods.
  2. Select Payflow Pro as your Payment Processor
  3. In the Payment Processing ID field, you will enter your Payflow Pro User and Partner code in this format: User&Partner. Example: If your user/login ID is 'FoggyPTC" and your Partner code is 'PayPal', the Payment Processing ID field should read: 'FoggyPTC&PayPal'.
  4. Enter your password in the Processing/Confirm Password fields (Confirm with Payflow Pro if needed).
  5. Run a live test transaction before going live.

NOTE: If the Allowed IP Address security feature is implemented on your PayFlow Pro account, you will need to disable this feature. Our IP addresses are dynamic.

Errors: If you receive response code 26 when test processing, then the above Partner Code is incorrect, or is not specified as shown. In case of a code 26 response, please double check this setting.

For gateway problems, contact or call (888) 883-9770.



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