User receive "No" errors while checking out

Users encounter a "No items in cart" error on checkout after adding items to the cart.


Shopping cart errors can often be the result of internet glitches or often they are due to browser security settings. The system requires the use of browser cookies to manage sessions for users. If a browser is configured not to accept cookies, then users will not be able to shop or register on your site. If users are receiving error messages while shopping or registering, there are a couple of things to do.

First, we suggest clearing cache and cookies from their computer.  If that doesn't work, they should confirm their browser is configured to accept cookies.


  1. From the Dashboard, click on Help -> Order
  2. Click on the link called Browser Test. This will run the cookie test for your browser
  3. If you wish to send this link to a user, right-click on the Browser Test link, and select "Copy link address". This link can be mailed to any user to complete the same test.
  4. After the test completes, follow the instructions if the results show that the browser is not accepting cookies.



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