How can I generate fundraising pages for my participants (or teams), when their weblink reads 'Pending'?

You wish to create fundraising pages for your participants or teams.

When your participants register online, they will automatically generate a personal fundraising page. However, for some types of events, the event administrator will add participants directly. In this case, participants may not have a personal fundraising page (depending on the method used to add the participants). Also, in any case where a username & password was not created upon registration, no personal fundraising page will be created.


To auto-generate personal fundraising pages for a group of participants:

  1. Make sure all participants have a login (username/password) associated with their profile. If no username and password were created, the administrator can add one for the participant from People -> Participants, by editing the account (click the Action button next to the participant in question and then click Edit).
  2. Go to Pledge -> Fundraising Pages

  3. Click on the Update Pages button at the top.
  4. Enter the Fundraising Goal and Fundraising Page Statement that you would like to appear.
  5. Click the Auto-Generate button at the bottom of the page.

    Note: This action will not override current fundraising pages. It will only generate pages for those participants with a Pending link.


For teams where the team captain has not created the team fundraising page, the administrator can go to People -> Participants and login to the captain's Participant Control Panel in order to create the team fundraising page. Team captains are designated with their team name listed under the Group Name column. To log in, click the Actions button next the captain's name, then click Login.

Upon log in, click the Team Page tab, complete the required Settings fields (Web Link, Fundraising Goal and Estimated units of effort, if enabled) and then Save. Other tabs under the Team Page such as Statement, Pictures, Videos, Donations and Thank you message all relate to the team.


If a username and password has been created, your participants can now log into their account and customize their fundraising pages. If no username and password were created, you can add them for the participant from People -> Participants, by editing the participant details. There is also an email link under the action area that allows administrators to easily email the participant with login details.



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