Editing default information on personal fundraising pages

You would like to edit the default language that appears on the personal and team fundraising pages. You may also want to add a default image and/or video. This is a very important step of your event configuration, as many participants will not customize their page. When donors land on a personal or team fundraising page, you want to be sure that they are inspired to donate to your cause.

To update the default language for personal and team fundraising pages, go to Pledge -> Fundraising Pages. Update the content in the fields "Default Fundraising Page - Individual" and "Default Fundraising Page - Team"and hit update to save the changes.

There are also buttons at the top of Pledge -> Fundraising Pages to add a Default Picture and Default Video to your pages.

NOTE: This update will affect pages created after the edit. If personal fundraising pages already exist, they will need to be updated manually as indicated here.



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