How can an administrator enter offline donations?

You wish to enter donations or pledges received offline by cash, check or credit card. You will want to enter these donations in your system manually, so that your thermometers and financial reports will reflect all the monies raised and your participants will receive credit due.

If you wish to enter checks or cash received for donations or pledges made on your website, see this FAQ.

To administratively enter offline donations for your Pledge event, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to People -> Participants
  2. Find the participant who the donation should be applied to and click Actions -> Enter Pledges. If these are general donations to your organization, find the participant called General Donation or similar and enter the donations in this manner, just as if it were a participant. If you want to apply donations to a team, find the team Captain and then click Actions -> Enter Pledges (Team Fundraising Page) and follow the same process below.
  3. The Participant's donation form will open in Admin Mode in a new window or tab. Use this form to enter the offline donations that should be applied for this participant, noting any additional payment details with the Admin Options at the bottom.
    • Order Status: Incomplete/Complete (Select the order status for this pledge/donation. If you have a check in hand, select Complete.)
    • Payment Reference: Enter the payment details for this pledge/donation (check#, notes, authorization numbers, etc.)
    • Email Order Confirmations? Yes/No (Please select YES if you want to send Email Order Confirmation or NO if you do not want to send an email.)
  4. Click 'Complete' to complete the donation.

Participants can also do this themselves by following the offline directions here.



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