What order types are counted in my Fundraising Thermometer?

You wish to know what kinds of transactions raise your website's Fundraising Thermometer.

The Overall Goal Thermometer will rise with each order made on the site, including event registrations, donations, sponsorship and product sales. This includes incomplete orders such as checks or cash payments, but not PayPal pending orders.

For Pledge subscriptions, there are two options for the amount included in the Goal Thermometer.

  1. When the Overall option is selected, event registrations, donations or pledges, sponsorship and product sales, as well as optional transaction fees will be included in your thermometer's total raised.
  2. If Pledge is selected as the type, only donations or pledges made on the personal fundraising pages are added to the thermometer.

Incomplete pledges or donations (such as checks or cash payments as well as per unit pledges charged after an event) will be included in the Pledge thermometers. As well, PayPal transactions in Pending_HOLD will show on the thermometers and related reports. These payment are considered confirmed, but not collected. PayPal Pending orders and declined credit cards will not be included in thermometer totals. Read more on this system update.


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