Managing Participant Online Privacy

You would like to keep your participants' identities private (ie for school children) on your website and are wondering how to do so.

We have created a setting for Privacy in the Pledge edition. Enabling the Privacy setting will:

  1. Cause all Personal Fundraising Pages and search functions to truncate the last name of the individual to show only the first initial. Juan Martinez will be 'Juan M.'
  2. All Personal Fundraising Pages will be marked with a Do Not Follow tag for search engines. All other website pages will remain indexable, but the Personal Fundraising Pages will not be indexed by Google or other search engines.
  3. Links to Team members and their pages and fundraising totals will be disabled on the Personal and Team Fundraising Pages.

You can enable the privacy setting at Pledge -> Fundraising Pages -> Enable Privacy.

Other options include:

If you don't want your participants' names appearing on your website at all, disable the Participant Listing and Participant Search pages. To disable these pages, go to Website -> Pages. There, click the delete link under Actions next to the appropriate page. Note that by deleting the Participant Search page, your donors will need to have the exact URL of a participant's fundraising page to donate to a given participant.

You can also remove the macros for your top fundraisers and teams, as these link to their personal fundraising pages. These are on the Home page and Event Information page in your Pledge template.



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