How can I ask my registrants questions if I am using the Golf or Events modules?

You have questions you wish to ask your registrants and donors. This FAQ applies to those using the Golf and Events subscriptions. If you are using Pledge, please see this FAQ on custom questions.

To ask your registrants or donors customized questions follow these steps:

From your dashboard, go to Website -> Questions and Add the question/answer type you want to use.

Question/Answer Type:

  • Picklist - Allows users to select a value from a list you define (on the next screen).
  • Text - Allows users to enter any combination of letter and numbers. Up to 100 characters, in an open field.

You can also specify if the question is directed to Participants or Donors.

  • Participant Question - These questions are directed to participants at the time of registration.
  • General Question - These questions are directed to all registrants, including sponsors.

All potential answers are entered and must be separated by a comma. Note that all registrants or donors will be required to answer these questions, so only include questions that you wish for all registrants or donors to answer.

You can review the answers to your custom questions by downloading the Excel or CSV report from Reports->Registration.


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