Question & Answer Types for Custom Questions

You want to add a custom registration question (for use with Registration Fees or No Cost Pledge Participant Registration page). What do each of the Question & Answer type options mean?

These two fields help specify how a question will be displayed and how it can be answered. We offer a variety of options for how you want the questions to be shown and answered, as below.

Question & Answer Types

  • Yes/No (Boolean): This is for use with questions where you wish to get yes or no responses. Yes/No answers can be returned via a Radio Button or Checkbox.

  • Date: This is used when you want a date and/or time format as an answer, ie a common question is "What is your date of birth"? Responses can be formatted for date, time, or datetime which looks like 2015-09-09 02:08 PM.

  • Picklist: This type is used when you are specifying a predefined answer list. Users will select one or more of your provided answers. Select means that answers will be selected from a pull-down of options. Multiselect allows users to select multiple answers for a single question.

  • Open Field: This question type is used when you want a free form answer from your constituents. Textfield & Textarea answers differ only in that Textarea allows for a greater response area. Use textarea only if you require a statement or large amount of information.



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