This transaction cannot be accepted - Reason Code: (103)

You are integrated with and during payment processing, you get the following message: "This transaction cannot be accepted - Reason Code: (103)".

This is an error generated when clients cannot process registrations. It is due to an incorrect password in the merchant set-up. Please confirm that your Password is correct in your Admin Area (from Tools - > Payment Settings), and try again.

Once in Payment Settings, please check that you have entered your API Login ID in the Payment Processing ID field, and your API Transaction key in the Processing/Confirm Password fields as described here.

For more information on how to change your API Login ID and Transaction Key, please click here.

NOTE: Review your required fields in your virtual terminal setup. Make sure E-Mail and Phone Number are NOT required. These fields are not transmitted to Making them required will cause the transaction to fail. For gateway problems, please call at 877-447-3938.

Important: Generating new API Login IDs and/or Transaction Keys will affect ALL sites the account is used on. Make sure you always update all of your sites using the account whenever generating new codes. If you still experience problems after going through these steps, please call at 877-447-3938.


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