Why do I need to provide my SSN (SIN in Canada) during Signup for DoJiggy Payments?

You would like to know why you need to provide your US Social Security Number (SSN) or or Canadian Social Insurance Number (SIN) during Signup for DoJiggy Payments.

When you verify your account to accept credit cards through WePay, you will be asked to provide your US SSN or Canadian SIN. WePay requires your SSN/SIN to comply with federal and state regulations. Part of their responsibilities involves verifying your identity and confirming the legitimacy of your business. Collecting this information allows them to automate parts of this process so that you can start accepting payments quickly. WePay does not run credit checks, which means that signing up for a DoJiggy Payments account will not affect your credit score. WePay and DoJiggy do not use this information for any other purpose, and we take your privacy and the security of your data very seriously.


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