How can I split out an Optional Donation from a Pledge Registration?


You have received a Registration order with an Optional Donation and would like to apply the donation to a different participant or to a specific team or group.


  1. Go to Reports->Orders and click on the Order number in question, or under Action, click View.
  2. In the section Order Details in the line where the Product description is Optional Donation, click X Delete.  Upon success you will receive a note that says: Item 'Optional Donation' removed successfully.
  3. Next, scroll down to the bottom of the page and in the Payment Reference, copy check reference or the credit card authorization numbers.  For a check it would be something simple like "Check Number 101" in the case of payment by credit card it would look like this "(AUTHNET) Approved [id:60146812724|auth:018255|avs:Y|cvv:M] (VS ****7000 01/19 DoJoggy Test 123 N Main Street 55555)"
  4. Then, add the pledge to the participant or team of your choice by following these instructions.



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