I am getting a Cold Fusion error message when trying to upload a photo.

You know you are uploading a valid image file yet you get the following error.

File Error: ColdFusion was unable to create an image from the specified source file. Ensure that the file is a valid image file.

This problem usually occurs with image files that are too large either in file size, kb's or pixel size, or have invalid characters in the file name.  If this error occurs try the following.

Check the File Name.  The ideal file name should contain no spaces and no special characters.  For example, if your file is named something like "DJ Company Logo - 640 sm.jpg" rename it to something simple like DJlogo.jpg, then upload.

Resize the Image.  Open the image in a photo editing program such as Photoshop, or Windows Paint.  An ideal image size to fit most of the web pages is 650px wide or less, length really isn't an issue.  Once you have resized the image, save it and upload it again.

Save in a Different Format. If your image is already relatively small, sometimes you can save the image to a different format.  For example, if you are trying to upload a .jpg image, open it in your photo editing program and save it as a .png file.

If this still does not work, send us a Support Request by going to Help->Support, New Support Request, and we will investigate further.


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