How can I email CRA receipts do my donors?

A donor has contacted you asking for a CRA receipt for a donation they have made to your organization.  As an administrator you would like to know what your options are.

You have a number options available to you to email, or print to PDF and email, a CRA receipt to the donor.

The following options apply to Active events with CRA's enabled.

In your admin Dashboard, go to Reports->Orders, View (click order number.)

Email Receipt - The Email Receipt button is located on the detail page of each order. When clicked, an email dialog box is opened allowing you to edit the subject and recipients. The page body is pre-filled with a message and link to the online receipt. Click Send. The donor can click the link and print the receipt from the web.

NOTE: These links expire in 14 days. However, if the link is clicked after 14 days, the donor can enter their email address and a new link will be emailed to them.

Print to PDF - Most computer operating systems these days have a "Print to PDF" option, if you have this option, you can print a PDF of the receipt by clicking the View Receipt button. This will open the receipt on the website. Click the link "NOTE: Click here for your CRA Donation Receipt." Then, click the link "Click here to print your receipt." In the print Options, select 'Print to PDF' and save the file to your computer. You can then email the CRA recept to the donor.

The following option applies to both Inactive and Active events with CRA's enabled.

From Reports->Orders, View (click order number.)

Batch CRA - The Batch CRA button will print to PDF all CRA receipts from your event. When clicked you are given the option to download to PDF all receipts, or a range of receipts.  This option creates one file per batch containing up to 100 receipts per batch.

To access an individual receipt within the PDF file, use the Find function (usually Ctrl+f) of whatever PDF reader you may have, and type the name of the donor. Once the correct page has been located, use the Extract Page option or Print Current Page option to isolate the single receipt to email to the donor.



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