Payflow Pro - No longer supported!

Please note that as of January 15, 2018, DoJiggy will no longer support the following internet payment gateways:

  • PayPal Website Payments Pro
  • PayPal Payflow Pro

We will continue to support PayPal Website Payments Standard. You can review our list of supported providers here.

If your organization will be involved in a campaign or ongoing fundraising efforts with one of these processors as of January 15th, please contact technical support by submitting a support request. Please contact Sales at (888) 436-1999, ext. 2, if you have any questions or for more information on our in-house payment processing services.

We would like to suggest that you move to our new payment system, DoJiggy Payments. You can signup right in your administration area and start taking payments within the same day. There are no monthly or on-going fees, only a flat-rate fee for each transaction. If you use DoJiggy Payments, you will not be charged $.20 per completed credit card transaction for Pledge events and you will be eligible for a free Donations subscription. We also offer full merchant accounts with an gateway and are happy to assist with this setup.


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