How can I manage team registrations when additional participants names may not be available?


When your registration includes team purchases, it is a given that there will be occasions when a captain wants to register his or her team, but they still don't know who the other participants will be. And you as an administrator would like to make registration as easy as possible, yet collect the information you require.


For the collection of additional participant information during registration you have the following options found in your administration Dashboard at Website->Fields, Additional Participants.

  • Require Invited Participant Details - Yes/No
    If set to Yes, users that register additional participants will be required to include all the participant data requested as determined by the settings below - this can include Email, Phone, etc. as defined here. If set to No, this information will be presented as Optional.
  • Email Address - Required/Optional/Do Not Show
    Determine if and how you wish to display the Email field for additional registrants.
  • Phone - Required/Optional/Do Not Show
    Determine if and how you wish to display the Phone field for additional registrants.

When you set these to Optional, the person registering can leave some or all additional participant fields blank.  If left blank the system will add a placeholder for each participant and set the name to "TBA Team Name" and set the email to that of the person registering the team.  You can easily find the record in People->Participants later and add the person's name and email once they have been determined.



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