How can I process event purchases not done on my website?

You would like to know if there is a way for you to process credit card transactions for any kind of purchase not done on your website.

From your administration area, go to Tools->Virtual Terminal. The Virtual Terminal allows administrators to process card not present transactions, so that you can accept credit cards by phone, mail, or in person, and charge your donors any amount. The Virtual Terminal can be used for product purchases at an event, discounted orders, sponsorships or other sales not available for purchase on your website.

At Tools->Virtual Terminal, enter all Credit Card Billing Information. Next, add Order Information including an order description and amount to charge. Then select to email/not email a receipt notification to constituents to notify them of the charge on their credit card. 

Administrators can also check to include or exclude optional credit card transaction fees (when configured on the event).

All orders processed on the Virtual Terminal will create a system order in Reports -> Orders and will be added to your overall sales totals.


The Virtual Terminal also includes a test mode, for testing credit card integrations without actually charging the credit card. If the test mode is available on your site, you will see a toggle switch at the top of the virtual terminal. Toggle from Live to Test. The test mode feature requires a merchant account and is not available for DoJiggy Payments. 

Note that he Virtual Terminal will not appear when PayPal or None is selected as your payment processor.


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