How can I assign names to additional products sold?

You are using the Event Registration & Product Sales registration page and have products that you are selling. You would like to associate the product sales with the name of an intended recipient. This function is useful when selling dinner tickets as products (not registrations) and a golfer or event registrant wishes to buy additional dinner tickets.

When using the newer shopping cart for product sales, this function is always visible as an optional field.

To turn this feature On or Off, go to Events-> Settings-> Advanced Setting-> Product Guest Details.
Select Yes if you want to keep track of who the intended recipient is.  Full name will be requested for each additional product on the registration process - Step 2. Here is an example:

If it is not important to associate the product with a person, you can set this setting to No.

NOTE: This setting will only work with products without attributes (ie shirt sizes)


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