Can you explain Payment Status for DoJiggy Payments by WePay?

You would like to know what the payment status for a transaction means. You will see this status when logged into your WePay account.

There are three major payment status' for WePay transactions.

  • Pending - Pending payments are payments that are subject to minor delays from reviews. It can take up to two business days for us to review a pending payment. Payments are reviewed to protect you and your customers from any malicious activity to ensure the payments are compliant with the WePay Terms of Service.
  • Failed - Payments can fail for a variety of reasons. Most often this happens if we are unable to verify the account you are making a payment to or if information entered during the payment was incomplete. Something just as simple as a typo could do it.
  • Completed - A completed status means that money was sent to your bank account. However, it may still take a few days to receive the funds there.



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